What is Defend Boosting in Contemporary Warfare 2?

Modern Warfare two has burst onto the gaming scene (as anticipated ), and it appears that the fans couldn’t be happier. One of the significant parts of the sport (and what many people would argue is the best part of the sport ) is that the multiplayer. Modern Warfare 2 allows you to play online with thousands and thousands of different people (much like MW1 and World at War did).

When you start the multiplayer mode your character starts at level one. Since you play the game more and make experience (by winning matches, killing people and completing particular challenges) you proceed up the ranks.

The problem with this is that many of the top weapons (such as the ACR and the AK47) are at the highest levels, and many people don’t like waiting to get them. Because of this, people prefer to’boost’ their level with an ingenious technique called shield fostering.

Everything you’ve got to do is to find a partner to improve together and then join an internet Search and Destroy game together. Once you’ve discovered your partner in the game you need to take turns in shooting each other’s shields with the ACR. So as to achieve Overwatch Rank Boost need to have one course setup together with all the Riot Shield, and yet another course setup with the ACR. Absorbing a full magazine’s worth of bullets will make you 500 points. Doing so several times can make you up to 50,000 encounter points for a single game!

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